Support Topics

  • Q.Do you only send postcards?

    We also have an app (SnapShot Greeting Card) that sends greeting cards - fold over cards that are placed in an envelope then mailed. The Greeting Card app is very similar to the postcard apps except cards cost an additional credit to mail compared to postcards.

    Note: When we use "postcard" in our support topics it typically applies to either postcards or greeting cards unless otherwise stated.

  • Q.What is the difference between SnapShot Postcard, SnapShot Holiday,       
    SnapShot Event and SnapShot Greeting Card?

    SnapShot Postcard is for anyone, like travelers, who want to send custom picture postcards from their mobile device. It is a small, easy to use app that makes your vacations and experiences more memorable.

    SnapShot Holiday and SnapShot Event are also for sending custom postcards and include specialized artwork for various occasions such as Christmas, birthdays etc.

    SnapShot Greeting Card is for greeting cards - fold over cards that are placed in an envelope then mailed.

  • Q.Can I use my SnapShot credits on any SnapShot App?

    Yep. All the SnapShot apps use the same credits and account. This keeps life simple, but please note that all the apps will report to you the total number of credits you have in your account. So if you have two apps, and they each say "5 credits" then you have a total of 5 credits available (not ten).

  • Q.How do I buy more credits?

    From the application you can tap on the "Buy Credits" button on the Account page, or you can purchase more during the order process. You may also go to the Buy Credits at any time.

  • Q.What pictures can I use for my cards?

    You can either choose an image from your mobile device's photo library or take one with your device's camera. However you are responsible for making sure the image does not violate your user agreement—no obscenity, pornography, or illegal content is allowed.

  • Q.I cannot access my own photo library or camera, only the "card artwork". How do I fix this problem?

    You may need to update to the latest version of the app. Go to your "App Store" and tap on "Updates". Locate the app by name and tap the Update button. We recommend a restart of your device after initiating the update.

  • Q.How do I make sure my photo looks good?

    SnapShot Postcards are of the highest quality, but the image quality is the most important factor in determining the final product. Pictures taken with your mobile device are fine. However, if you have pulled the image off the web or transferred it from your computer it may have been down-sampled or have a low resolution. (Pictures that look good on the computer screen can look bad when enlarged and printed.) We recommend images of 1600x1200px or better.

  • Q.When will my order ship?

    All cards are printed and mailed within 2 business days from when we receive the order.

  • Q.Are my cards mailed "bulk" or first class?

    First Class all the way.

  • Q.How long does it take for my card to arrive?

    We expect US orders to take approximately a week and International orders, 2 weeks. Delivery times cannot be guaranteed due to the varied reliability of the postal service in certain delivery areas.

  • Q.Can I see a history of what I have sent?

    Yes, from the application you can tap on "Order History" on the Account page. Also on the website you can go to your Account page to view your account's details.

  • Q.Can I delete my order history?

    We can help with this process. Please contact our support staff for more info.

  • Q.What should I do if my card arrives with damages?

    Please contact us and we will happily reship your order at no charge.

    All cards leave our print facilities in pristine condition. However damages can occur during the postal service's handling and delivery. Postcards are especially susceptible and can have "roller burn" marks caused by the USPS processing equipment. These burn marks are easily confused with smearing or smudging of the ink.

  • Q.What should I do if my card never arrives?

    Please contact us and we will happily reship your order at no charge.

    The postal service works very hard to ensure timely delivery of cards. However it is possible for the postal service to be slow to deliver or misplace the card altogether. Postcards in particular can become lost or misplaced due to their small size. Also delivery times to non-U.S. addresses can vary based on each country's postal service handling.